Retro Txt T9 Number Keyboard
A retro native T9 keyboard for iOS - Txt like it's 1999 Experience the nostalgia of yesteryear with Retro Txt – a keyboard that channels the simplicity of old cellphone keyboards. Immerse yourself in the art of typing and relive the tactile joy of a bygone era on your modern smartphone. It's like riding a bike – effortlessly familiar and undeniably thrilling!
Finger Freedom Unleashed
Tailored for those of us with fingers that defy the constraints of small iPhone keyboards, Retro Txt is the answer to your tactile dreams. Boasting a system-wide presence, it facilitates swift text and number entry in any setting.
Not Just Texting
Elevate your experience beyond mere text entry – now, Retro Txt transforms into a sleek number pad, available seamlessly across your iOS device! Embrace system-wide functionality like never before.
Decade of Innovation
Retro Txt takes a bow as it celebrates a triumphant 10 years on the App Store! With its retro-styled keyboard and finger-friendly finesse, this app has been transforming the iPhone experience for a decade, earning smiles from countless happy customers.
App Store Reviews
Modern classic - App electric
A modern take on a classic keyboard, easy and fast to use. Nice for one handed text entry on Plus sized iPhone.
Works fantastically - olim0nster
This app is a great keyboard for people looking to switch to iPhone and still keep their 2000's keyboard as a preference!!! It works great, you can change scroll through speeds and customise the controls! I love it. 0.69p well spent I'd say!!!
Near perfect - nel99san
This is a dope app.